Scottish Bridge Collection

The catalogue of Scottish bridges  has now been installed on a single Ordnance Survey expandable map. 

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 12.30.40

A full numerical breakdown is presented HERE

Red marker:        16th century bridge, largely intact. ( 30 bridges)         
Maroon marker:   pre-1750 bridge, largely intact. (157 bridges)
Blue marker:        Ruined or replaced with a younger bridge. (368 bridges)

In addition to the panning and enlargement tools on the top of the screen the map may be moved by ‘dragging’ with a right-clicked mouse. It may be enlarged by double-clicking. 

Maps were created Using UK Ordnance Survey OpenSpace API v1.2 (based on Open Layers v2.7 OpenLayers 2.8 -- Revision: 9492 )

Grid references are expressed in all numeric format. 


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